Twenty three years old Vipin Singh hails from Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. He had once lost all hope of living for a number of reasons; a Hemophiliac who also suffers total disability. Four of his younger brothers, Ravindra (24), Vikas (18), Beauty (16), and Vinkoo (14) are partially disabled too. They come from a family that can’t afford expensive treatment for every bleeding episode, which means the other four brothers will subsequently surrender to total disability too. To add to the brothers miseries, life took an ugly turn when their expecting sister committed a suicide. The reason was to avoid another Hemophiliac in the family.

Hemophilia Federation India through Varanasi chapter personally approached Ms Laureen A. Kelly, president of the Save One Life (SOL) project to help the
brothers out, both psychosocially and financially. Thanks to the combined efforts, the brothers were counseled and given some hope. Not just that, all five of them are now covered under the SOL project which ensures them a quarterly support of $240 (INR 10, 800) a quarter. These young lives are certainly moving towards a healthier tomorrow.