Twenty five year old Gayatri is a Hemophilia carrier. She had a daughter. Before giving birth to a second child, she wanted to know whether it had Hemophilia or not. This could be only determined by a prenatal diagnosis. Being herself a housewife and her husband having a low income, she could not afford the expense of the diagnosis. She approached HFI which arranged for a donor to sponsor her prenatal diagnosis and soon the test was conducted at the nearest testing center. Her traveling, lodging and boarding costs during the test, along with the guardians were also sponsored by the donor.

In the pre-natal diagnosis, her male child was found to have Hemophilia A, that is factor VIII deficiency. On discovering this, she decided not to give birth to the child as she was aware of the sufferings associated with Hemophilia. Fortunately, it was totally safe to do so as this test is done at a very early stage of pregnancy. Today, Gayatri is happily living with his