Farooque Sheikh is a 13 year old boy from Mumbai. He lives with his parents, a brother and two sisters. He used to bleed frequently from knee and arm hand joints. With a family income of INR 2000 per month, the family could not afford the expensive Anti Hemophilic Factor (AHF). More so, his brother is also a Hemophilic. Therefore Sheikh had to miss school and stay back home in pain because of the bleeds for days together. He was at the risk of getting disabled if not given proper treatment.

After getting Farooque registered, HFI not only gave him and his parents proper guidance on Hemophilia management but also forwarded his details under the Sponsor a Child scheme (SAC) and got him a donor who donates free AHF to him. Today, Farooque gets free AHF from his donor every quarter. Although the donated AHF is not sufficient to manage his bleeds totally, but nevertheless, this support enables him to stop bleeding quite a few times, specially during his exams. He is able to attend school more regularly and can therefore, study better.

This help not only protects him from the immense pain and sufferings associated with the bleeds but also from the probable risk of disability and death from the bleeds. He now leads a better life.