Saugata Rishi Ganguly : A Bright Student with Hemophilia - B

Growing up with Hemophilia, he proved that by dedication and hard work one can achieve his dreams. Now 19, he can't wait to share his story of success that made his parents, friends, school and chapter proud.

 “I am Saugata Rishi Ganguly, a Hemophilia-B patient. Many mornings I have woken up with heavy mouth bleeds, which used to completely cover my bed sheets and pillow cases with blood and all  this is because of simple gum bleed. My condition always reflected in my mother's frightened look. I was believed to be normal till 3 years old, like any other children, but one day everything  changed. I had fallen on my face and my teeth dug into my lips injuring them badly. The bleeding didn't stop for hours which panicked my family. They rushed me to a local paediatrician who had  no clue of my disease and he referred me for a blood test. The report came marked “Hemophilia B Positive” and it impacted my entire childhood but thanks to support of my parents, teachers and my  chapter I didn't allow Hemophilia to weaken me and cripple my life.”
 “Now I have to accept the fact that I couldn't do things that lot of other kids do. I watched all the other children play but I set back knowing that yielding to the temptation would bring suffering to  me and my family. Accepting the gravity of my condition, I became a life member for Hemophilia Society Durgapur Chapter. I started taking part in camps, various meetings and I learnt a whole lot of  things like Self Infusion, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) treatment and precautions while taking IV injections. The chapter also provided medicine support.”
 “I avoided things which carry risks of getting hurt, protected myself physically but socially at times felt like an outcast – like a fish out of water. But, I taught myself to be calm and patient. Days  passed by and I grew up and Hemophilia kept reminding me that falling ill or getting injured will lead to major bleeds and painful swellings. Whenever I had a shoulder bleed, I was unable to write  and study. I faced my biggest challenge during my 10th board exams. I got Chicken pox with haemorrhages of 800gm & 600gm in my right and left legs respectively. Blood clots used to get  infected, my haemoglobin dropped below 7 and I was completely bed ridden for 8 months. When I finally recovered I had only couple of months to prepare for my board exams. I had already  missed my half yearly and pre-boards. But, I studied day and night, putting the best within me and left the rest on God.”
 “I scored 90%. It was my first victory over my disease. My parents, school and chapter were really proud of me. It was a great moment of joy for me and I was no more feeling like a burden on this  planet. This was my first achievement and it had shown me the way to participate in the gift of life. Thereafter nothing could stop me to clear my 12th board exams as-well and what really pleased  me was cracking the entrance exam of Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU. Determination and hope rewarded me to achieve this Place of Honour.”
 “If any of my Hemophilic brothers and sisters are reading this - please know this always that you are strong that's why you can beat it! Do not let Hemophilia define your fate. You have the power,  find it within you and that will make you special and standout from the rest. Anything you wish to achieve, it can be yours. All the best for your future and God bless you!”