Nothing succeeds like Success

Racking your brains, toiling hard, lifting the load and sweating it out are some of the advices we have been lecturing on every time we are with people of caliber. The question arises how many of us really bother to listen. Of course most of you agree with me with smile on your face.

To be successful we need to have high ambition badly so that our tenacity will drive us to the top. Dr. Allwin Christuraj recognized his strengths and prepared himself to achieve what he intended to. Now after achieving success he shares his success mantra with his blood brothers.

“Hi, I'm Allwin Christuraj a Naturopathy doctor and Hemophilia A severe.

Recently I made an achievement by running 21.5 Kms in a marathon at Chennai. Though, I did not win, the highlight of this was that I was able to do it without factor support or any other medicine.

Like most of the hemophiliac my childhood was also filled with pain. Since my childhood I wanted to achieve something but I couldn't do it, because I spent my childhood days in wheel chair and I was so much dependent on factor infusion.There was not a single day I didn't pray to god, to relieve me from all the sufferings and struggles. By His grace, I got an opportunity to continue my education in the medical field. This helped me to bring a change in my thoughts and once I became a doctor I researched and invented a peculiar diet pattern and fitness program and experiment on myself, and it proved to be very effective, healthy and energetic. Through this diet, I'm able to lead my life happily without even a small symptom of hemophilia.

My short story is an example that one can lead a normal healthy life without factor support by following regular healthy diet and fitness workouts.

In future I'm planning to participate in more such events and bring awareness about hemophilia and to bring all the support for our community I could.”