Ministry of Health & Family Welfare(MoH&FW):
Under the patronage of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, HFI organises a sensitization workshop i.e. Initiative on Hemophilia Care- A sensitization programme and the way forward every year on the occasion of World Hemophilia Day. The aim of this workshop is to educate the HCP and policy makers as well as the people involved in treating Hemophilia at district level and tertiary care centres. The ministry is also diligently working toward forming the national guidelines for Hemophilia. Once released the guidelines will help in formalizing uniform Hemophilia procurement procedure, hence helping HFI in realising its vision of "ONE COUNTRY, ONE TREATMENT".

1.National Health Mission(NHM): National Health Mission is providing funding through PIPs at state level towards the welfare of Hemophilia patients.

2.Drug Controller General of India(DCGI): Drug Controller General of India is providing full assistance to HFI in executing the Humanitarian Aid programme in the country. Their quick action and support in releasing the NOC for acquiring the donated CFC’s from WFH is highly commendable. This unobstructed assistance has helped HFI in distributing the aid swiftly to various hospitals and medical college in the country and have resulted in the treatment and care of many Hemophilia patients.

World Federation of Hemophilia(WFH):
HFI is affiliated to WHF as a national member organization. WFH supports HFI in conducting advocacy workshop and providing free registration for World Congress. In addition WFH also supports HFI by providing free AHF of substantial quantity. WFH helps HFI in conducting various training programmes for doctors and youth group.
In the year 2015 the Humanitartian Aid Department of WFH Initiated a project to donate AHF to Hemophilia Federation (India).

Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation (NNHF):
In the last 15 years NNHF supported 12 projects in India lead by HFI or its chapters. 11 of them were completed and currently we have 1 projects running. You will find more information about NNHF in the following link:

Novo Nordisk:
Novo Nordisk is continuously supporting us towards disseminating the information through our quarterly newsletters for last 15 years approx.
Apart from supporting HFI by supplying AHF at a lowest rate, Takeda also sponsors HFI's various activities such as Hemophilia awareness programmmes,advocacy programmes,CMEs,maintenance of website, workshops and patient's camps/events/activities.

BHEL – Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.:
Heal A Soul: In 2012 Hemophilia Federation (India) and BHEL came together to start a project called "Heal A Soul". The main objectives of this project was to prevent disability, premature death and blood borne infections like HIV, Hepatitis etc. amongst the helpless P/CwH of our country by providing free Anti Hemophilic Factor (AHF). The AHF distribution events were attended by the top rank officials and site managers from BHEL. With a total budget of the 72 Lacs the project started on 8th Aug 2012 with Kolkata as the first chapter and was completed on 4/4/2014.The project was successfully implemented by the HFI team together with the TBG –CSR group of BHEL.
Taking into consideration the impact and success of their project "Heal a Soul I" BHEL once again partnered with HFI for their second project "Heal a Soul II" starting from Jan 2015 till March 2017 during which 720 P&CwHs were supported with 3000 IUs each of factor VIII & IX. BHEL also launched a project "Prevention is better than cure" from April 2015 till March 2019. The project focused on providing support to grils and women with history of Hemophilia in their family. The project provided carrier detection and pre-natal diagnosis to 210 women and girls all across the country. In october 2019, BHEL and HFI partnered again for the "Heal a Soul - III" providing 3000 IUs of factor VIII, factor IX and FEBA P/Cwhs of the aspirational districts of India. The project will be concluding by the end of March 2020.

SOL – Save One Life (USA):
Since 2003, SOL has been supporting CwH throughout India fulfilling their basic necessities such as school fee, books, transportation and sometimes treatment etc. The number of children supported under SOL project has increased considerably over the years. HFI is very grateful to Ms.Laureen Kelly, Founder and President of Save One Life-USA and all the donors for their continued kind support and giving better life to CwHs of our country. Presently approximately 800 beneficiaries from across the country are being supported with general donation scolarships, gifts and micro-grants.

ONGC - Oil and Natural Gas Corporation:
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) & HFI came together with a vision to transform lives of Children with Hemophilia (CwH) through education, with the formal launch of Project "Hemophiliacs Education and Transformation (HEAT)".
Under HEAT,HFI identified 1000 CwH from across the country that were schooling, between 5 and 18 years of age and living below the poverty line. Further, HFI ensured regular project reporting after the project was successfully implemented.
ONGC supported the project financially for one year, it was a milestone in the history of CwH of the country. With this, they were able to dream, and see a silver lining in their hitherto-dark horizons.
ONGC sponsored another project "Prevention is better than Cure" for initiating Carrier Detection Test (CD) for unmarried women and Pre-natal Diagnosis (PND) for female members of the Hemophilic family.
HFI executed both the projects successfully and is determined to help even more C/PwH in the following years".
ONGC sponsored a project "Asha ki Kiran" where 15 inhibitor P/CwHs were supported by providing 2500 IUs each of FEIBA.

Give India:
In the year 2010 HFI associated with GiveIndia after going through a very stringent process of registration. The GiveIndia Online Donation Channel at now abet the P/CwH through several sponsorship like sponsorship for AHF, Education, Carrier Detection Test and Pre Natal Diagnosis etc. Donations received through GiveIndia help HFI in a big way to provide lifesaving AHF to C/PwHs in emergency and for their education. Apart from this HFI also participates in several events organized by Give India time to time like, IndiaGiving Challenge and Tax Giving Challenge.

The Hans Foundation:
The Hans Foundation partnered with HFI and supported P/CwH through integrated projects of Treatment, Education and Awareness Campaign throughout India. Awareness Project (CHETNA): In India Hemophilia bleeding disorder is still unknown to the common people. Therefore, with the sole objective of creating awareness about Hemophilia this programme was carried out through schools, colleges and educational institutions. Approx. 67 schools and colleges were covered and adequate information and educational materials were distributed.
Education Project: Educational needs of Hemophilic children were provided; as a result the poor CwH were able to continue their studies in a more dignified way and can now dream of a better and secured future.
Treatment Project: At times P/CwH require immediate medical assistance or surgeries in emergency situations, but due to their poor economic background they are unable to undergo the required treatment. Through this project many P/CWH were benefitted. Children could attend schools more regularly & participate in other extra-curricular activities. Adults were able to work in a better way and were eased from the mental stress of being a burden on the family.

SAIL (Steel Authority of India):
SAIL came forward to support P/CwH who contracted HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis infections from wet blood products such as Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) or Lyophilized Cryoprecipitate. These infections in addition to Hemophilia disorder result in such complications which can be extremely harmful physically, emotionally and financially. SAIL supported such 100 HIV(+) patients by providing free AHF worth of Rs.10 lacs.
HEMOCAP (Hemophilia Care & Prevention): This project was launched with the Support of SAIL and 39 P/CwHs received free 2000 ius of AHF as per necessity and requirement.

Gail has supported us for awareness generation in the year 2013 by way of sponsoring a walkathon "A Walk for Hemophilia" which attracted nearly 3000 participants.

Danish Hemophilia Society (DHS):
In 1998, the Danish Hemophilia Society supported HFI with a Project "Living with Hemophilia in India". Ten chapters namely Calcutta, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahemdabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Patna, Varanasi & Bhopal were given support for identifying persons with Hemophilia. The project enabled these chapters in providing medical and diagnostic facilities and educating and training Medical / Paramedical personnel and patients in Hemophilia Care & Management.
The project was successful and helped the Chapters to reach a self-sustainable level.

Hemophilia Society UK - Sponsor A Child (SAC):
"SPONSOR A CHILD" Project supported by Hemophilia Society-UK has been successful. Through this treatment support project, 85 poor CwH were able to receive proper treatment and AHF. The Donors provided (AHF) treatment support of 20 pounds per month to the poor children suffering with Hemophilia. Their timely support prevented many Children from getting disabled or dying.
HFI is extremely thankful to all our donors for their concern for distressed children in India & anticipate their continued support.

 Supported HFI by providing a few 2nd Hand Computers, Laptops and a Photocopier.
 Provided 2nd Hand Computers
 Provided 2nd Hand Laptops.