It is the intent of this policy to establish standard practices and guidelines for responsible, safe and productive use of the Electronic mail (e-mail) and to ensure the protection of information shared in confidence with the members/affiliates of the HFI for the benefit of the PwHs and the Organization.


These guidelines applies to all the member organizations, affiliates, partners and all the other individuals who have access to the email id provided by the Hemophilia Federation (India( (“HFI”).  It is the responsibility of all Chapter Heads to ensure that these policy guidelines are clearly communicated, understood and followed.


All the email IDs provided by the HFI are property of the Hemophilia Federation (India) and there should be no expectation of privacy where the HFI is concerned, even if personal in nature.

Emails are part of HFI’s records and may be subject to discovery in legal case.

It is the policy of HFI to ensure that e –mail provided to Chapters is used primarily for the conducting of official communication with other affiliate chapters or with HFI, and is not used in any illegal, offensive, or unethical manner.

Chain mails consume valuable organization resources and time and it is strictly prohibited to aid and propagate the use of chain mail using HFI’s resources.

Chapters and Self Help Groups are also prohibited from indulging in any Bulk Email Sending activities either for Fund Generation or any other spam related activity. If the same comes to the notice of IT Cell of HFI, then the Chapter's account will be suspended immediately without any prior notice.

The HFI also prohibits such access for using the emails for activity other than what is intended above, and for a personal use.

Use of email id provided by HFI to harass or to make threats are strictly prohibited.

Members are prohibited from the unauthorized access to other chapter’s e-mail messages or sharing the emails marked specifically to them to any other person (except for the executive committee of HFI). HFI do reserve the right to access any chapter’s e-mail for for inspection subject to misuse of e-mail.

Members/chapters are prohibited from sending emails to any non-HFI party (including other NGOs; Government Officials etc.) save and except in a manner as may be decided by the executive committee from time to time.

Members/Chapters shall be prohibited to use the official email id on resignation or to propagate any kind of political or institutional agendas.

e –mail usages by all affiliated/non-affiliated chapters and Self Help Groups can be monitored by the authorized persons of the HFI on the direction of the management.

These policies apply retrospectively to all the existing chapters, self help groups and they are bound by these.